Saturday, October 13, 2012

The End Of Your Life Book Club
by Will Schwalbe

In 2007, Mary Anne Schwalbe was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She had just returned from a humanitarian trip to Afghanistan and didn't feel so great. The doctors first thought it was hepatitis. Not knowing how much longer she had to live, Will Schwalbe (her son) started a "book club" with just the two of them. They both were avid readers and would discuss the books when they were done.
Mary Anne had an amazing life. So many people idolized her for what she did for them. She didn't let her illness and pain stop her from continuing to travel and help others less fortunate.
I almost didn't finish the book. It started out well enough but then I thought it became tedious and boring. The writing isn't that great. I think the author should just stick to editing other published books and not write anything else.
Many reviews have been quite positive with five stars. I wouldn't give it that; more like two. 


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